Visit your neighborhood Michael’s casual dining for exclusive deals only for Michael’s Club members.

Here’s how it works

Come into any Michael’s casual dining and sign up! Then…

Visit us Nine times within any month and receive up to $10 OFF your entrée on your ninth visit.  It is that simple. Cards are reset to zero at the beginning of each month, so hurry back!

Happy Birthday/anniversary! If you’re Michael’s Club member, we’ll put a bonus entree on your card at the start of your birthday/anniversary month. But, be sure to use your bonus before the end of your birthday month, or you’ll lose it!

Visit your neighborhood Michael’s casual dining for exclusive deals only for Michael’s Club members.

In addition to the rewards mentioned, we also continue to send special random rewards just to thank you for using your loyalty card regularly. Watch for special offers, invitations, and other specials on our Facebook — and at your neighborhood Michael’s casual dining — and save even more.

It’s easy to check your Go Michael’s Club member point balance any time you like. Just go to our account access page and access your member information and point balance (you’ll find your 14-digit ID number on the back of your card). You’ll also find your updated point balance on your guest receipt after every visit.

Join Michael’s Member Club and start earning delicious rewards!

Get a 25 point welcome bonus and unlock $5 OFF for 50 points.

Little reminders

Michael’s casual dining reserves the right, at the sole discretion of the company, to alter, limit, modify, or change program rules, regulations, terms and conditions, including but not limited to imposing time limits, changing values, rewards and reward levels, or terminating the program — without prior notice.

Except where required by law or provided for in the program rules, Michael’s member Club reward points have no cash value. Points may be used for redemption only.

Michael’s casual dining reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges and/or void all or a portion of a member’s point balance if the points have been issued, received, or redeemed through computer error, fraud or theft, through illegal means, or in a manner not authorized in the Official Rules& Conditions or to remedy the situation by any other legal or equitable means available under applicable law.


Michaels Members Club Q&A


Q. Do I have to buy anything to sign up?

A. No purchase is necessary to sign up for Michael’s members Club card. It’s quick and easy and you can do it at any Michael’s location.

Q. How do I earn visits or points?

A. You’ll earn visits or Club points when you purchase regularly priced entrees. Just remember… you must present you Club Card at the time of purchase, and only the Club card holder who pays the check can earn a visit or points.

Q. When will my visits/ points show on my account?

A. After you sign up for the Michael’s members Club, you visit/points are credited immediately after every visit and shown on your guest receipt.

Q. When I redeem the reward or points on my Club card, will I also earn points on that purchase?

A. No points will be awarded for Club points that you earn and use.

Q. If I have a coupon from Michael’s can I use the coupon and earn visit/point?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I earn points when I buy a Michael’s gift card?

A. You do not earn points when you purchase gift cards, but any Club card holder will receive points when redeeming the gift card.

Q. What if I lose my card?

A. No problem! Just email us at and we’ll assign you a new card and transfer all your information and points.

Q. Will my Michael’s Members Club card ever expire?

A. Your visit or points are reset at the beginning of every month. However, if you don’t use your card at least once a year, your card will be canceled.

Q. What if I don’t have an email address?

A. Email access is a key to our club since it allows us to contact you with news about special rewards and benefits.

Q. Can Michael’s Casual Dining employees participate in the program?

A. No, employees are not eligible to participate in the program. However family members of the employees are more than welcome to participate.